Answer the questions and I will see what pinata you are! I know there are millions of answers XD

Q1) Would you like to go to a party?

  • A. Of course! the fans would love to see me in their party!
  • B. Sure thing! I'll escape when I see a stick.
  • D. Oh Yeah dude, I love parties!
  • E. Sure, It will be fun.
  • F. Sure, maybe I will win best fancy dress.
  • G. Ugh... What is a party?
  • H. Of course, I'll make people happy
  • I. Sure, IF Im the one with the stick.

Q2) What would you do if someone was about to smash you open?

  • A. I'll escape (or die trying to :P)
  • B. I'd scream for help.
  • C. Beg for mercy

Q3) Whats your biggest Weakness

  • A. I'm too famous to have a weakness
  • B. Chicken
  • C. Suffering from fears
  • D. Something else!

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