• Brandon the Klaine Lover


    July 23, 2013 by Brandon the Klaine Lover

    Hey everybody! This Wiki opened up January 2013, it was quite popular during that month and there were many conributors, then the founder of the Wiki got blocked and then it became inactive. Now I am here to re-open this Wiki, there is LOTS of work to do! I have made new templates and page lay-outs, please take notice of them and follow them to help you make new pages! Thanks for reading! I've pretty much covered everything I need! Bye!

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  • CocoYoYo

    What Pinata are you! Quiz

    January 19, 2013 by CocoYoYo

    Answer the questions and I will see what pinata you are! I know there are millions of answers XD

    Q1) Would you like to go to a party?

    • A. Of course! the fans would love to see me in their party!
    • B. Sure thing! I'll escape when I see a stick.
    • D. Oh Yeah dude, I love parties!
    • E. Sure, It will be fun.
    • F. Sure, maybe I will win best fancy dress.
    • G. Ugh... What is a party?
    • H. Of course, I'll make people happy
    • I. Sure, IF Im the one with the stick.

    Q2) What would you do if someone was about to smash you open?

    • A. I'll escape (or die trying to :P)
    • B. I'd scream for help.
    • C. Beg for mercy

    Q3) Whats your biggest Weakness

    • A. I'm too famous to have a weakness
    • B. Chicken
    • C. Suffering from fears
    • D. Something else!

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  • Pinkiepiefan123

    I love this wiki!!

    January 13, 2013 by Pinkiepiefan123

    I love it!!

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  • Sadie the Brittana Lover

    Who is your favourtie pinata from this game? Mine is frizzlybear. Shelbypinky1 Talk Page (Click Here)

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