Arocknid 1
Animal Arachnid
Candy Rock Candy
Level 5
Base Value 1500 Coins
Housing Cost 825 Coins
Attack Spiderwebs
Appear Have a Taffly resident in the garden
Visit Have a Taffly resident in the garden
Resident Have a Taffly resident in the garden
Romance Have an Arocknid house in the garden
Tricks Feed it a Bispotti to have it perform Trick 1

Feed it a chili to have it perform Trick 2

ArocknidVariant1 Feeding it a bluebell changes its color to blue
ArocknidVariant2 Feeding it a water lily changes its color to pink
ArocknidVariant3 Feeding it a jack o' lantern changes its color

to orange

Evolution N/A
This eight-legged Pinata is perfect for any birthday party that takes place on October 31st, but it's not always the most popular Pinata on the block. There's a reason some folks can't wait to whack it with a stick, and it's not just the candy inside!


  • N/A

Species ConflictsEdit

  • N/A

Happiness TipsEdit

  • N/A

Other InformationEdit

  • Arocknids climb trees.

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